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Jeff O’Dell is a seasoned corporate executive specializing in strategic transformation of complex organizations.

He has applied his extensive business experience to cast a vision to transform the Church to its original design in a contemporary context.

  • He is the author of the ground breaking book, He is Waiting on Us to be Kingdom-centered.

  • Jeff leads ministries in Kenya and serves on the board of directors in Hope Prison Ministries.

  • He is a technologist and visionary in shaping the Church to be effective in the religious, governmental and workspace spheres of influence.

  • Jeff and his wife Melissa were leaders at The Bridge Metrowest Church. They are proud parents of four adult children.

My Sheep is a platform to enable and empower people and organizations to connect, partner, and share to become more Kingdom-centered. The concepted is based on John 10:27-30. This platform has several components:
* He is Waiting on Us to Become Kingdom-centered is available as a paperback, eBook, and audiobook (available in English, Spanish, and Swahilli). This book outlines the case for change an an action plan.
* The Transformation Program helps measure effectiveness and establish goals for improvement. It is organized in 5 phase: Becoming Salty, Becoming Cohesive Parts, Cultivating Genuine Partnerships, Restructure, Reallocate, and Realign, and Rebalancing Church and state.
* Transformation Workshops are available on-site or by video conference. They can be held on a Saturday or 2 weekday evening sessions.
* The My Sheep blog describes various facets of the strategy, lesons learned, and best practices. 
* The Super Directory is available on the part of the website. It will include churches, parachurch ministries, local and international missions, house churches, small groups and charities. It will be launched later this year. Let us know if you’d like to be an early adopter.