What is your role in this endevour?2024-02-28T12:49:24-05:00

Seriously–whatever God asks me to do. As of August 2023, this is my full time job. I am the author, printer, web co-designer, blogger, and strategist. I spend more of my time consulting with key stakeholders and church leaders, listening to the obstacles and opportunities. Increasingly, I am spending more time socializing and communicating.

Why are you doing this?2024-02-28T12:48:08-05:00

It’s hard to watch the Church decline and the corresponding chaos in society without taking action. I am at the prime of my life and want to leave this place a little better than how I found it. In my corporate career, God gave  me the gifts to be a business architect and strategist for large complex enterprises. I am applying these gifts and abilities to contribute towards the retoration of the Church that Jesus commissioned.

Why a book? Why not a blog? Video blog? Social media?2024-02-27T15:28:56-05:00

I know first hand that people read, listen, and learn in different ways. I am planing to release the final book, He is Waiting on Us to become Kingdom-centered on this website and Amazon.com. I’m also producing an eBook and audio book along with an interactive study guide. Some of these concepts are not commonplace outside of the business world and need to be taught in a class or conference. By special request, I’m producing a booklet version for those who prefer TL;DR (too long, didn’t read)

What are the stretch goals?2024-03-01T11:45:47-05:00

The scriptures give unimaginably ambitious goals—hastening the return of the Lord and provoke the Jews to jealousy. The ultimate goal is to bring Jews/Gentiles together in unity so that Christ will return. We will do this by reversing the pattern of division that has plagued the Church for centuries.

Who is included in the Unified Church?2024-02-27T15:35:10-05:00

Simply the followers of Jesus. There is neither Jew nor Greek (Gal 3:28). See this blog entry for more details.

How will we manage change? This seems very different than the current norm.2024-02-27T15:36:35-05:00

This is by far the most critical success factor (called a CSF in the business world). I believe it will be fostered by the apostles and church leaders and blossom in a grass roots movement. It will likely be coupled with a revival and/or awakening but it must become the “new normal.”

This strategy seems to focus on works more than faith. Why?2024-02-27T15:41:32-05:00

Yes, this is intentional. As the title implies, I believe He is waiting on us. The ball is in our court. God is not going to send another savior. The Holy Spirit is fully poured out to everyone. We are like a bride getting ready to marry the groom, Jesus. It is our responsibility to ready ourselves. That said, without faith everything we do is for naught.

Why will this approach succeed when others have failed?2024-02-27T15:45:40-05:00

The timing seems to be right because of nation is polarized to an unprecedented extent. Prior approaches such as Ecumenism was based on a least-common denominator model. The proposed framework is not based on total agreement or uniformity but the 1 Cor1nthians 12—an interconnection of multiple parts. It is also based on best practices learned in business such as transformation and disruption that have had a rapid and dramatic impact.

How will this program be funded?2024-02-27T15:47:10-05:00

My goal is to not have any financial barriers to participate in this program. We will accept donations at some point, but the development of the website has been funded by our family. It is an investment in our children’s future.

When did you start?2024-03-01T13:24:05-05:00

It started with a vivid, life changing dream in 2006 where God spoke to me saying, “all I’m asking you to do is unify the Church!” I have developed several prototype systems and decided to write a book in 2022. The early version was published in 2023, He is Waiting on Us to Become Kingdom-center.

What is your biggest concern?2024-03-01T13:19:57-05:00

That it will be summarily rejected or viewed as criticism of the local church. I have served and cherished the local church for 40 years and my goal is not to bring correction to the church. Rather, this is an opportunity to multiple our effectiveness by banding together. We can’t afford to simply preserve the status quo because it is easier than changing.

How will you use data collected from waitingonus.com?2024-03-01T11:47:08-05:00

Will publish statistics much like Barna Group to measure penetration and effectiveness. We will use these analytics to refine the program and tools on the website. Most importantly, we publish data about ourselves so we can be “discovered” by other believers with similar interests. This will help cross-pollinate congregations in the same area. We will never sell or monetize this data for other purposes; it will always be properly encrypted and secured.

Can we evolve from the current local church model?2024-03-01T11:47:16-05:00

We will always care for members of our church family, evangelize and disciple new believers, and worship corporately. But much of the current practices need to be transformed–maybe even be disrupted to become Kingdom-centered. Change is inevitable but will be learn how to manage it and become what God called us to be.

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