The Bridge Metrowest is a medium-sized congregation in Natick, Massachusetts. It is known for its charismatic worship and cultivates prophetic gifts, intercessory prayer, and even dream interpretation after services and at community events. Its demographics reflect the community as a whole with a balanced mix of gender, age, race, and socioeconomic status. Since its inception in 2006, it has been led by individuals who are commissioned as apostles. Despite its modest size, it has a regional influence among other charismatic/prophetic/independent churches in New England.

Since 2012?, it has developed deep relationships with other congregations and church leaders in the region.
• Promoting events in other churches in the area
• Sharing our facilities with Brazilian church who meets on Saturday
• Sharing our facilities with a black church who lost their lease
• Positive impact because Kingdom comes before local interests
• Learnings:
o lots of communication, cross pollination
o Not a merge, but maintained their identities
o Honored their pastor and worship team, evangelists, as leaders in the Kingdom
o Didn’t try to recruit
o Clear guidance on designated giving
o Very intentional with helping visitors feel welcome
• Adjustments?

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