There is a secret ingredient without which none of this strategic transformation will work. Data analysis, goal setting, hard work, and positive intentions alone cannot drive us to become Kingdom centered. They may work in business but the spiritual world has another dimension of complexity. Transformation in business is fueled by innovation and courageous leadership. Transformation in the Kingdom is fueled by hesed.

Hesed is a prominent and profound Hebrew word in scriptures with numerous meanings. It is most often translated into “mercy”, “lovingkindness”, “goodness”, and “love.” But its connotation is much richer. In Michael Card’s book, he describes hesed as “inexpressible .” It is a powerful emotion that can enable us to love the unlovable, even love our enemies. It is beyond our capacity without God. Here are some examples that describe the notion of hesed:

• Love and mercy of God towards humanity. He never gives up on us, never
• When a person from whom I expect nothing gives me everything
• Virtuous charity towards others
• Mutual benevolence between people
• Considering others more important than ourselves (Philippians 2:3)
• Offering hospitality to strangers (i.e. the Good Samaritan)
• Love those who hate and spitefully use you (Matthew 5:44)
• Laying down our life for a friend
The fullness of hesed is embodied in the incarnation of Jesus. It is essential to repair the Church from is gridlock and endless division. Before the Church can transform the world, it must transform itself. This is impossible without knowing and embracing hesed.
It is the key, the secret ingredient to becoming Kingdom centered.

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