By any measure, the Church collectively is impossibly divided. Currently it has more than 30,000 denominations with 380,000 congregations, most of which consider each other as competition or illegitimate; consequently, they chose to operate in isolation. The Scriptures are clear about the ramifications of division according to Matthew’s gospel – “every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation and every house divided cannot stand.” While HTC is a positive role model, its willingness to partner and cooperate with other ministries and congregations is the exception, not the rule. It’s not enough to be a unified congregation, we must be a unified kingdom. Jesus was clear that we should first seek the kingdom and His righteous (Matt 6:33). Simply stated, the Kingdom refers to the all followers of Jesus.

So how can we reverse this destructive trend that undermines the effectiveness of the Church? Prominent church leaders have asserted that unity can only be achieved when we:
• Have a common interpretation of scripture, or
• Establish a single leadership hierarchy.
If this is the only way forward, unity is a hopeless cause. While we have effectively turned our focus on divine intervention, such as a great revival, historically these revivals have produced wonderful fruit of salvation and repentance. Yet historically, they tend to last only for a season. This transformation must form a new normal, not a temporary movement to see the Church become fully unified.

If the Church was FULLY unified, what would that look like? Would we dissolve various cultures and traditions and all worship, operate, and believe the same way? While this seems illusive—even impossible—the answer is hidden in plain sight.

The unified, kingdom-centered Church is not monolithic. It is a set of diverse but cohesive parts that are connected and interdependent, much like the human body, according to 1 Corinthians 12.

Many assume that unity implies “sameness.” If we all thought the same way, preferred the same things, had the same traditions, came from the same ethnicities, enjoyed the same level of socioeconomic backgrounds, and had the same interpretation of Scripture, everything would be easy. We could eliminate many sources of conflict.

While that may sound reasonable, it’s not the way God designed us or our world. Everything on this earth “screams” of diversity. Plants, animals, geography—everything in the natural world is incredibly diverse. Nature itself proclaims the existence and character of God (see Romans 1:19–20). Each human being is a unique individual; no two are alike.
It is not enough to simply be in unity. We must also learn to operate in unity to bring healing, not just to the Church but to the LAND. Jesus didn’t say that God so loved the CHURCH, rather, He loves the WORLD. No one denies that our world needs to be healed and restored.
When we become unified, this is what it will look like:
1. We will all have the mind of Christ, one spirit, one baptism, following the Jesus, the Great Shepard.
2. We will be much more externally focused and fully engaged. Everyone must be equipped for the work of the ministry, not just those on church staff or itinerant ministry.
3. We will partner with other congregations in our community where we have common interests. This includes sharing resources and helping others in areas where we are strong.
4. We will not succumb like the rich young ruler (Mark 10:17-27). We are willing to give everything we have if needed.
5. We will take back our roles in society that we have abdicated to the government such as caring for widows and orphans (James 1:27).
THIS is the Power of Unity according to 1 Corinthians 12:

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