When Jesus said He would build HIS church in Matthew 16:18, He used the Greek word “Ekklesia.” Unfortunately, this has been translated into the word “church” in the scriptures which is commonly associated with a group of people meeting and worshiping in a dedicated building. But the word Ekklesia did not align with what we now consider church.

In Greece at that time, Ekklesia referred to a community of believers who met in each other’s homes for fellowship often sharing meals. It was also connected to the marketplace and even involved in legislative affairs.It is not a religious word.It was led by the apostles and elders. If Jesus intended to refer to church as we know it, He would have said “synagogue.” Instead, He referred to a different kind of structure, the Ekklesia. Ekklesia has the same meaning in Hebrew.

There is a movement underway called the Ekklesia Project to restore Christ’s original vision. While we support these efforts, we are taking a more incremental approach by interconnecting churches where they have common areas of interest. By learning to cooperate, partner, and share, they will become more unified in practice without confronting the issues that have caused so much division.

We are establishing a “super directory” to enable us to discover and connect with other churches, ministries, and charities. We are also providing tools for strategic planning to manage change in becoming more Kingdom-centered.It is a structured 5-phase strategy shown below.

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